CPCB Course is be held Mondays at 2:00 pm in Room 6014, BST 3


Course Overview

This course has two parts:
  1. Paper presentation for years 1 and 2 and
  2. Research presentation for years 3 and 4



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Date Paper Presenter Seminar Presenter Paper Seminar Title
4-Sept No class!
11-Sep Amir Alavi Seojin BangCoupling between distant biofilms and emergence of nutrient time-sharing pdf Unsupervised multiple kernel learning
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18-Sep MetaSchool (all years) None
25-Sep Easwaran Ramamurthy
Kyle Xiong
NoneA method for calculating probabilities of fitness consequences for point mutations across the human genome pdf
Distinguishing noise from signal in patterns of genomic divergence in a highly polymorphic avian radiation pdf
2-Oct Kunal Aggarwal Fen Pei Switch-like Transitions Insulate Network Motifs to Modularize Biological Networks pdf Prediction of drug-drug combination and inferring disease specific target-target associations with lasso regression model
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10-Oct (Tues) Amanda Kowalczyk Yuchuan Wang Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Drive Emergence and Inheritance of Biological Traits pdf Integrated genomic analysis of nuclear compartmentalization
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16-Oct Chaitanya Mokashi Yang Yang CRISPR–Cas encoding of a digital movie into the genomes of a population of living bacteria pdf Continuous-trait phylogenetic model for comparing multi-species functional genomic data
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23-Oct Meta-School Meta-School
30-Oct Haoyun Lei Cong Ma Single-molecule imaging reveals receptor–G protein interactions at cell surface hot spots pdf Salmon anomaly detection
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6-Nov Jenn Williams Natalie Sauerwald Chromosome conformation elucidates regulatory relationships in developing human brain pdf Chromosome structure comparisons
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13-Nov Yifeng Tao Bentley Wingert Cross-Sentence N-ary Relation Extraction with Graph LSTMs pdf Regulatory effects of phosphorylation in intrinsically disordered region of ACTN4
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20-Nov Emilee Holtzapple Michael Kleyman Pan-cancer analysis of homozygous deletions in primary tumours uncovers rare tumour suppressors pdf Biclustering on Epigenetic and Transcriptomic Data at Different Scales:
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27-Nov Daniel Bork Marcus Thomas Rule-Based Modelling of Cellular Signalling pdf Using Bayesian Optimization to Learn Parameters of Molecular Self-Assembly
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4-Dec Yan Zhang Jingyu Zhang Transcription-induced supercoiling as the driving force of chromatin loop extrusion during formation of TADs in interphase chromosomes pdf Large-scale regulation of gene expression through chromosome structure re-organization in response to TGF-β
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Presentation Guidelines

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