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Welcome to PLIER: Pathway-Level Information ExtractoR. All you need to use PLIER is a gene expression matrix. The requirements are: The data should look like as follows. PLIER can not run with too few samples (<=3). The sample size should be large enough (>10 is preferred).
Sample1 Sample2 Sample3
ACTB 1 2 3
TP35 4 5 6
EGFR 7 8 9
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Prior Knowledge Sources

Marker genes for cells found in blood from diverse sources
Curated pathways from Reactome and KEGG
Chemical and Genetic Perturbations from MSigDB
User supplied genesets, can use alternative gene nomenclature, click checkbox to view an example
Gene Expression Matrix
k Number of latent variables to return. Leave blank for automatic determination
frac Fraction of latent variables that use prior information
Default recommended
Verification code Click the picture again if you can't see it clearly
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